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Blue Burst Registration

Registration - Blue Burst
By registering, you agree to the following terms:

You are going to register a Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst account on an unofficial server. Your account will be only valid here and cannot be imported from or exported to any Sega servers.

We are not responsible for any damage this server may cause to players' hardware, software or any of their personal property. As this is a beta test, we do not guarantee stability. We will not fix or restore your account if your character data is corrupted or if your account is stolen. In this situation you may make a new account.

If you affiliated with Sega of America, Sega of Japan, Sega of Europe, or any of Sega's subsidiaries, you may not register an account, connect to or view the contents of this private server.

Before playing on our server, all Blue Burst players must review and accept the server rules as listed in the Schthack Blue Burst terms of service. By registering an account, you agree to all of the server rules.

Note: Please make sure your username is a maximum of 8 characters.