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Valentine is now on Schtserv!

The event has started and the love rappy bring you some lovely presents! The fallowing items can be found from love rappy, make sure you kill them and dont let them run away. Normal: Izmaela (0/0/0/0|19) Angel Harp (0/0/0/0|18) Angel […]


PSO2 Alpha test begin!

The test officialy started, the ship is officialy online! see this page for the current status : PSO2 Status For a quick guide to connect look here : for anything else please see the forum here:


Merry Christmas!

Me and all the SchtHack Team wish you all an happy holly days! wish you the best and lot of fun! Irl and in game!


Schthack Private Server Xmas 2016

It’s here! As you many of you know, Schtserv has always made the Christmas event as unique and as special as ever and this year we will continue that tradition! On behalf of the staff here at Schtserv, I present […]


Event ended!

In the end over 200k Zombies have been slaughtered and probably as much Hunter got killed  😛 We hope you enjoyed it! Feel free to post your comment on the forum!


Lord Gold PSO wiki

As Lord Gold posted on the forum, he has no longer the time to maintain the wiki. He posted the wiki information and we are very gratefull to him. His work has been put online here: or also from […]


Happy Halloween!

RAPPY REVENGE- Rappies have infected other monsters as retaliation for hunters exterminating their own. Monsters have now become stronger and faster as a result of the infection. The Principal has called for all Hunters to exterminate the monsters and as […]


Halloween 2016

An unknow event happened and all rappy has been turned into zombies! All hunter have to report to eradicate the threat. Be carefull as they are stronger and a lot of them is running around… Good thing for you, they […]


Scheduled update on Thursday

Thursday the 13th around 6h pm GMT -5, the server will be updated, a complete shutdown will be needed so the service wont be aviable for a few minutes. Dont worry we will be back online after 😛


Halloween is here!

For every pso version Halloween event is now started! The special quest is aviable at the counter and the Jack-O Rappy is around!   For Blue Burst player, this isn’t all! a special event is comming soon! stay alert if […]