SCHTHACK Phantasy Star Online - A Private Server
How To Connect: Dreamcast PSO

Installation Guide
To connect to the Schthack server via Dreamcast, you need one of two things:

  • If you connect via dial-up, you will need a codebreaker; or
  • If you connect via broadband, you will need a broadband adapter.

Dial-Up Users
You will have to configure your connection depending on which region your Phantasy Star Online CD is from.

North America (US) region:
The following codes will need to be added to the current connect codes of the codebreaker.


Europe (EU) region:
This version does not have a Hunter's License check server, and therefore no codebreaker codes are required to be added.

Japan (JP) region:
This version has a network option in the WEBSITE menu in the game.
Go to WEBSITE -> Left trigger-> Option -> Network and add the current Schthack server IP address (listed on the home page) as the DNS server or any other DNS server that redirects to the new Hunter's License server.

Broadband Users

  1. Go to the network settings in Phantasy Star Online or the Planetweb 3.0 Dreamcast web browser.
  2. Do not alter any fields other than the DNS IP address.
  3. Enter the current Schthack server IP address (listed on the home page) or any other DNS host that has the new setting.
  4. Save the new configuration and play as normal.
Need Help?

If you are having trouble connecting to the Schthack private server, feel free to ask for help on the discussion forums.