SCHTHACK Phantasy Star Online - A Private Server
How To Connect: Gamecube PSO

Before you can play on SCHTSERV with your GameCube, you MUST REGISTER YOUR SERIAL VIA EMAIL! You can register here;

LINK: Registration

Installation guide
1) Boot up PSO

2) When it's ready, go to the Options menu.

3) When you're in the options menu go to "Network Option" and then go to "Provider Option" and choose "Yes".

Once it's loaded it will ask to make a new file. Just make the file on the memory card you wish and load it.

5) When you have loaded the network file, you need to go to the "Network Setup" menu.

6) At this point you can choose which Provider Option you want to change to connect to Schtserv. Once you choose the provider press the "Edit Menu" button.

7) On the next screen you can rename the provider you choose. This can be called whatever you like and is optional. When done, click next.

8) On this screen choose the options "Automatically Obtain an IP Address" and "Do not automatically Disconnect". Then click next.

LINK: Example image

9) On the Screen you now see you the option to set the DNS IPs. Do this by choosing the “Manual” option. The IPs that must be set are found in 2.1.1. The Settings I recommend are:

Primary: Schthack
Secondary: Whatever else there is

After setting the IPs, make sure that the DHCP option is not set . When done: click next.

LINK: Example image

Note: You can find updated IPs by pinging the following addresses;

Ping Example:
Windows Start Button > Run > Command > ping

10) this step is optional, it is not needed to connect to schtserv!
The Next Screen should be the proxy screen. This is not needed unless your ISP tells you to do so. The proxy can also be used to upload screenshots. If you want to use the proxy for screenshots, set the following:

Proxy Port Address:
Proxy Port Number: 8080

NOTE: If you used these settings for the proxy you need to go to the webpage to upload the screenshot.

Alternatively, you could download PSO Proxy and replace the Proxy address with the address of your PC which is running PSO Proxy to upload screenshots directly to your PC.

LINK: PSO Proxy Website

11) WOW! YOU DID IT! Now don't forget to save using the save button!

Further Support
If you have any problems or issues with connecting, a number of our forum members have constructed a full connection guide. You can find this guide by following the link below;

LINK: Gamecube Connection Guide

Need Help?

If you are having trouble connecting to the Schthack private server, feel free to ask for help on the discussion forums.