SCHTHACK Phantasy Star Online - A Private Server

Feb 06, 2016 - Server update.

This morning(east time) i update the server with the fallowing change:

in game change:
- the game mode has been added to the creation menu, you can now sellect between legit/normal/hack game
- cheating/hacking account will now get theire own color, GM can flag account and the server will do it when it detect a know hack/cheat
- a legit game will prevent cheating/hacking player to get in
- an hacking game wont prevent a legit player to get in, so pay attention to the L> and H> beafor the game name

Server side change:
- Haking ship has less restriction and no auto ban set(pm me if i forgot some)
- Oberon has them all enabled
- the gray color for the name mean the player account is in the cheater cathegory, if you feel like your name color is wrong please pm me
- /legit /normal and /hack command are now aviable to bb player

January 17, 2016 - Update again.

A fixed but UNTESTED vmu/vmi file is now aviable for PSO DC in the download section

PSO GC can use this temp IP as DNS server :

-The administration

January 16, 2016 - Update.

A new registration system is now aviable, the "My HL" section allow you to manage your HL used on this server. You can already register your PSO BB,GC,DC,PC account.

The forum will be opened soon.

PSO PC exe file has been updated to connect on the new server, they can be downloaded at the download section.

PSO BB will be updated automaticaly by the Online.exe when it's ready.

PSO DC and GC will be fixed this week.

-The administration

January 10, 2016 - Schtserv will be back.

Firstly, apologies to all users for the long wait and also for the loss of all account information due to hardware failure.

We don't have a reopening date yet, but we are currently working on putting together a working server. There will be some changes, we are rebuilding the registration , account creation and management systems as well as remaking the forums.

More information on the current status will follow shortly.

-The administration

April 13, 2013 - Schtserv Easter Event.

It's Easter 2013 Kinda Sorry for the delay, This time around Easter Eggs will be droping everywhere, and there are 4 different types of Eggs to collect in normal, hard, v.hard and ult.

Please check out the forums for more information and help with hunting those Eggs.


December 21, 2012 - Two news posts in a year, must be Christmas :P

It's Christmas 2012, tis the season to be mass slaughtering Ragol's naitive wildlife, but fear not, you will be rewarded with presents for your mass murdering ways.

Please check out this post to see more information about it as well as updates!


August 14, 2012 - Late Schtserv Spring/Summer event

An event for this month that had been promised is finally here. I know it took forever, I'm sure people are mad. But hopefully it's worth the wait. Please check out the Updates we made here, and also please make sure to update your unitxt for the NEW ITEMS WE HAVE >here<. Have fun hunting.!

December 11, 2011 - Schtmas 2011

Here we are again, another year past. This time we're in working order, and no problems! ;D After a bit of updating we are finally able to present Schtmas 2011! Please check out this post to see more information about it as well as updates! Thank you for being a part of our great server! Happy Huntin'!

August 29, 2011 - Future for the server

I rarely update this, just because it's not really read all that much usually, if you all read this moften, I would update more often. I have been working on this server as much as I could, I will continue to do so, however some changes will be taking place, so that we get more PSO members and so we all have more fun with more people.
I am happy to inform you guys we will have a xmas event, assuming nothing happens to our servers. As well as a possible mini event before then. Rest assured that the xmas will come without a hitch, as it's been ready since last year.. Thank you all, keep on PSOin'!

January 19, 2011 - A year since my last post on here.. LOL

I finally have pso back up and running. All should be well, let's hope, right? Thanks for you continuted patience.. *to those who showed it* and I hope you all have fun on pso again.! ;D Hope there is no lag either.. ;p

January 15, 2010 - WTF POST OUT OF NO WHERE!?!

So, If any of you just so happen to see an EPIII Ship up, it's because me and a few fellow pso people are working it. EpIII Complete%: 30% Working. If you want to help or know what is currently being worked on here is a link: EPIII

December 10, 2008 - New News!? No way!

I realize I don't actually post here news as often as I should.. I can assure you I am not spending time playing online roulette games. Perhaps I shall make that my new year's resolution. Today. My Birthday. Also the start of the new-er Christmas event. Go to the event page to check out more.!

June 2, 2008 - New Webhost

So the old host gave me some problems, as you all may know sometimes the online.exe loader would backdate.. and would go crazy as well as the main site would. We also for some reason went over our bandwidth. Anyways, I've got a new host with unlimited bandwidth so we should be set. A thank you to everyone as this server wouldn't be here without any of you.