SCHTHACK Phantasy Star Online - A Private Server

Server details
Here is a list of features implemented into the Schthack private server:

  • Fully unlocked teams - No need to register points to unlock dressing room and other features.
  • Balanced Episode IV drop rates - We've balanced all enemy drop rates to be fair to all Section IDs. You can find a chart of what each monster drops here.
  • Rare item sharing - Similar to PSO's young brother, Phantasy Star Universe, you can set your game to share rare items in order or in a random order.
  • New Japanese content - You can obtain new mags and other equipment on our server.
  • Multiple version server - Our server allows multiple consoles to connect to the same server as PC users. You can chat in the lobbies together, however, you cannot play together.
  • Language support - PC Ver. 2 supports Japanese, English, French, German, Spanish and Korean. Gamecube supports English and Japanese. Blue Burst supports English only, except for untranslated Japanese quests.

What are the supported PSO versions on this server?
Our server supports every version of PSO except for the Xbox versions as they are integrated through Xbox Live. We support the following versions:

  • Dreamcast Phantasy Star Online
  • Dreamcast Phantasy Star Online Ver. 2
  • Gamecube Phantasy Star Online Episodes I & II
  • Gamecube Phantasy Star Online Episodes I & II Plus
  • Gamecube Phantasy Star Online Episode III: C.A.R.D. Revolution
  • PC Phantasy Star Online Ver. 2
  • PC Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst

With the support of PC's Version 2 and Blue Burst, even players with low-end PCs will be able to play, using the Version 2 PSO.

Note: Gamecube Episode 3 is supported, however not all card functions work. You can log on and play games, but not everything works.

About the Server Project

Why did I start this project?
I really think that this game is one of the best online games ever created. I know that we can play other online games, but PSO was really missing to me after SEGA closed the official servers. That is why I've started this project, hopefully some weeks before they close the server I have made some logs of a connection to make a server but the encryption has stopped me the first time... Some months after with the support of Wildone, King Arthur this project was really born, the 17 Dec 2003 :)
Now we want to provide you the best support and the best PSO server. If you think just like me and want to send some new idea feel free to send a mail

What are the server commands?
DC/PC Ver. 2 Only Lobby commands:
/save password Type this to save your character data to the server. Replace password with a password of your choosing.

/restor password Type this in to restore your saved character. You must type in the same password that you used to save your character, and your Guild Card number must match the number of the character you saved on.

Lobby and in game commands:
/addfriend playername Type this to add a friend to your friendlist. Insert the name of your friend for playername

/delfriend playername Type this to remove a friend from your friendlist. Insert the name of your friend for playername

/friendlist Type this to show your friendlist. Whoever is currently online will show in green in the online portion of the list, offline players show in red in the offline portion of the list.

/ignore playername Type this to block all chat, Word Select, and symbol chats from the selected player, so you cannot hear anything they say except by mail. You can't block an infinite number of users, so you need to either remove them from your ignore list with the next command, or use the Ship Transport to clear them from the list.

/unignore playername Type this to unblock the chat, Word Select, and symbol chats from the selected player. You can either do this or change ships to allow blocked users to talk to you again.

DC/PC/GC only In game commands:
/legit Type this in a team to turn on legit mode. This mode tries to detect players who may be using hacked equipment and block them from entering your game. The detection is not very good currently, so don't rely on it to really keep people out. This mode changes your team name to green.

/hack Type this to turn on hacked mode. This mode removes all level restrictions and uses no legit detection. It's pretty much a warning to players in the lobby that people in this team are cheating. This command changes the team name to red.

/normal Type this to remove either the /legit mode or the /hack mode, and set the game mode back to normal.

/setlvl # Type this to change the minimum level to enter your team. For instance, typing /setlvl 10 would allow players as low as level 10 to enter your game, but no lower than that. This command CANNOT be used when /legit mode is active, because doing this IS NOT LEGIT.

In game only commands:
/setpass Type this in a game to remove the password from the game, thus setting it as an open game.

/setpass xxx Type this to set a new password for your game. You can set any password you wish, typing "/setpass hello" without the quotes would set your game's password as hello. If you use "/setpass" without a password as described in the earlier command, it will remove the current password from the game and set it as an open game.

Server project status:
Global Server Status : 92%
Logon server : 100%
Chat suport : 98% (some word select translation between PC and DC are not correct)
Lobby : 100%
Team : 100%
Information/Team list : 100%
Transport : 50% (Block change doesnt work)
SimpleMail : 95% (auto reply doesnt work)
Search : 100% (DC player dont see the searched player name)
Search Choice/block send : 100%
C-Rank : 100%
Soccer lobby : 100%
DC to PC/PC to DC: 99% (i think some packet are wrong but not sure)