SCHTHACK Phantasy Star Online - A Private Server
Blue Burst Rules and Terms of Service

Here is a list of rules to abide by while spending your time on our servers. These rules also apply to Game Masters and Administrators.
Note: These rules only apply to PSO Blue Burst.

  1. Hacking Rules
    1. Any harmful hacking will get your account deleted. This includes FSOD, exe crashing, disconnecting intentionally, etc.
    2. Any hacking which gives you an advantage in the game is not tolerated. If you are caught doing so, you will be banned by a GM.
    3. Some people need this to be stamped in a manner for them to understand: Hack in locked rooms, being alone or with other player's approval is not allowed either!
    4. Neither Proxies nor CE/Trainer hacking will be allowed in lobbies. Do not exploit glitches either.
  2. Public Rules
    1. Do not flame other players.
    2. Do not use racist or explicit chat. Do not spam sexually intended symbol chats or have it as your Team Flag or Team Name. A GM will ask you for it to be removed/dissolved (in name's case).
    3. Do not create character names that may be offensive.
    4. Do not spam symbols or repetitive texts.
    5. Respect other players' opinions and play styles. Do not accuse others of being unlegit unless you have undeniable evidence and have contacted a GM. This is a kickable offense under the pretense of harrasment.
    6. NO STEALING. If multiple reports are given from several different players you will be warned. After that, you will be banned.
    7. If you believe you have been scammed with duped weapons, please contact a GM with your reasoning. The GM will have a say what will go down, and you may or may not receive your items, while the scammer will be kicked with a warn and have their dupes stripped. Failure to comply with these rules for the scammer will result in a ban. Choose who you report dupe scams to carefully. You are permitted to only PM one GM about the matter to prevent wasting time and having the GMs second guess each other. Remember, it is up to the GM to take action, and it is his/her decision if they want to take action.
  3. Bugs and Updates
    1. If you wish to report a bug, use the existing topic in the forums and provide all of the information you have about what occurred. Please triple check if you get a executable crash. The PSO Blue Burst client is badly coded and crashes often occur. Also make sure that it is a bug and that you know what the problem is. Finally, please don't make stupid reports like, "my game lags too much" or, "I got disconnected when I picked up an item".
    2. Do not post about a known bug unless you can provide further information about it.
    3. There are NO restorations. There are NO character fixes. There are NO exceptions.
    4. This is a free server. You are not paying to play and therefore do not get special service from administrators. Not all bug fixes will be instant. Please be patient, and don't make topics like, "why isn't this like Sega's server", and "IS THIS FIXED YET".
  4. Account Policies
    1. You are responsible for your own username and password security. We are not accountable if your account gets stolen.
    2. After 90 days of inactivity, accounts are deleted to keep the database clean.
    3. Do not ask for account restoration.
    4. Do NOT ASK FOR ACCOUNT RESTORATION. (this does not include importing SEGA characters. if you want to import a character, please donate ten dollars and ask via PM. You can also send a PM to get your account password changed if you forget it).
  5. Gameplay
    1. The actual drop rate and general item drop is based on Sega's official servers but is slightly different. Do not complain about drops being unusual.
    2. Rare monster appearance rates are not based on Sega's ratio.
    3. Rare drop rates are not based on Sega's ratio, but the actual items dropped by monsters are the same. This means that all drop rates listed on other PSO sites do not apply to this server.
    4. The Episode 4 rare drops are not the same as official servers. For better reference, look at the Episode 4 drop chart topic on the forums. Do not complain about rare drop rates or ask for certain items to be changed. This is the Drop chart for Episode IV in this server: Episode 4 Drop Chart on Schthack Server
  6. Game Moderators / Game Masters
    1. All GMs have orange arrows. Some GMs choose to hide their arrows.
    2. As it stands, Double Standards do exist. Deal with it. However, if you believe all a GM is doing is cheating, FSODing, and not doing anything else, there is most likely already an internal investigation undergoing, so rest easy.
    3. If you believe a Game Moderator is abusing their granted power, contact Crono with your reasoning. is up to Crono whether or not action will be taken, and if it is not, don't go complaining anymore or you risk removal of your own account.
    4. If you are muted by a GM, don't try to disable the mute, because you most likely are just warranting yourself a kick.
    5. Chinese GMs are not under the same administration as the GMs you see here are. While Crono may have global rules, Chinese administrators are allowed to set their own rules as see fit unless Crono wants them changed. Be careful on China if you want to use color name or NPCs because they ban for it while we don't.
    6. Some GMs are not completely fluent in English. There is a reason for this, and that is to help the other people who are not fluent in English. So please don't complain about language barriers unless there are no GMs who speak your native tongue...
    7. Current active GMs (who can accept reports and take action in-game):
      Leona (a.k.a. Krizalid)
      The Dude (May be inactive on BB)
      ZER0 DX
    8. If you have ANY issue with a GM or Mod, PM me(Crono) about it, with specs on what they did wrong, etc. Do not post publicly.
    9. You cannot be a GM. You cannot ask about it. So please don't.
    10. Server Support
      1. PSO Blue Burst uses a lot of resources. If you wish to help us maintain support for this game you can make a donation. Donations either for purposes of only donating and/or items are non-refundable.