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Welcome to the SchtServ PSO2 Alpha test!!
Please report all bug on the forum with the maximum amount of information on the bug and how to recreate it.

Some npc / Menu will lock you, be patient they will get added someday

- fixed the party search crashing the game
- Valentine lobby

- I broke something while adding feature to the boss warp and so i fixed it back...
- Fixed some bug and memory leak in the code

- Fixed some server bug and added more debug output server side.

- Added the Heli drop code, added it to a quest as test, will add more random one later

- Added the message pod support, a new variation of the first arks quest contain them. Any other pod will simply give you the default message until they are configured.

- Fixed item stacking count for some items
- Fixed block change endless load
- Fixed some exp gltch

- Made the game "work" after update, they changed a lot of small things so there might be lot of small new bugs
- made the lava less agressive, you wont catch fire at every time.
- added quest fail to free run
- added timer sync to code event, still wont fail at the end, but the timer will apear
- fixed the chat setting crashing game

- Fixed a bug in the respawn code, this should make quest more fun

- Installed the winter lobby

- Fixed the event code crash related to a recent sega update

- Fixed the crash when going to see the current quest, but for some reason the quest doesnt display...
- New lobby, wtf are this teddy bear?

- Fixed the bank to match the new change made by sega
- added battle/chaenge lobby but no option in there work yet

- Multi-block match now send you to the campship to avoid random soft lock

- Added a new quest
- Made the multi quest randomly assign start position

- Fixed the login
- Fixed the quest list display
- Added map object
- Added quest result control in quest script

- Added first Cave quest
- Fixed some stuff on Nab Rappy quest

- Added Nab Rappy quest

- First implementation of multiple layout system done to Forest Exploration. (2 layout of the forest 2, currently working to add more)

- Fixed some bug with the new "Multi block" quest option
- Added the Title assistant support, no title are aviable yet but the system is partialy ready
- more small fix to comply with EP5 modification

- Fixed a few bug related to room
- Boss cannot get confused anymore
- more team stuff added, it should cover about 90% of the team function

- fixed the change sega made to the quest list
- more room and team stuff added

Sega update strike again but the new system made it easy to fix this time!
so whats new:
- Team are now partialy working
- My Room is also partialy working
- Fixed some drop skin
- Added more items to the drop syste

The project

A few month ago, we asked player wich game they liked the most between PSU and PSO2. This was to know if it would wort working on it. As PSU already have the Clementine project and also beacause of the lack of logs ( ok there is 9gb of logs… but they dont have much info to create a full server), PSO 2 is a better option. Since its still online, the project can aim to a full support beafor sega close it. There is much to cover and it will certainly take some time to complete it. This project will first focus on the main part of the game as quest, lobby, shops. Other less importent part will get some work done over the time.

The test server

First i would like to congrat the player that found a PSO2 passport and has gain access to the test phase!

The goal of this phase is to test the various mecanics behind the game beafor filling all the data. This is to avoid filling all and then fix stuff and break the filled data… PSO2 is almost 100% server side, all the game does is to tell what the player want to do, everything else is done server side wich make it long and hard to complete but at the same time allow us to add/edit stuff without editing the client.

For the test time, the sega version will be used, this also mean that after a sega update the server might not work. There is a 50% chance they change something preventing the game to work on this server, lately they like to change the quest stuff (list format, start information, etc). I would say that after a day the server should be fixed to work with the new update.

How to connect

First you need an account, this was open to anyone by using the PSO2 Passport items droping on PSOBB in December.

Next you need to download and install PSO2, if not done already! You can get an english installer here:

Once done you need to install PSO2 Tweaker aviable here:

Finaly you need to setup the “proxy” to connect. To do so, go in the Tweaker menu-> Other Tasks -> Configure PSO2Proxy
and enter the fallowing url:

Your done and ready to play! To connect on sega use the Tweaker menu-> Other Tasks -> revert PSO2Proxy to jp
*since the new version it might be possible to have 2 copy of the tweaker in diferent folder and use 1 for Schtserv and the other for sega


Note: If you like the Tweaker and the english patch dont forget to drop a litle donation on theire website!

Reporting bugs

To improuve the server we need your feedback, please visit thie forum to report an issue.

Provide all the information you can, if you can recreate the glitch, tell us how you do so we can fix it faster! Try to include in the report what happened, after what you noticed it, what you did beafor and try to go back to a few action.

Most of the crash even if you cant see or feel it in game are recorded, any item or character issue caused by a glitch wont be fixed.


Currently tested

Login and Char management 90%
  • You can create up to 20 char
  • Deleting a character is instant, no 24h delay be carefull
  • Paid function isnt supported yet
Lobby chat and object 80%
  • Lobby chat, party and friendlist should be working
  • Sitting and other object interaction should work
  • Basic Room is added, you can place object
  • Chalenge and Battle lobby are now added but no quest yet
Inventory, equip, use... 70%
  • You can equip stuff and set the palette
  • The default palette isnt loaded at creation so you have to build it
  • Using mate,shifta, deband and ryuker works, most support item works
  • Mag are partialy codded, you can feed and raise it
  • Outfit can be used but they dont realy drop for now
  • any paid item doesnt work yet
Storage system 80%
  • A minimal amount of storage is aviable, please report any deposite / widraw bug
  • deposite directly from shop isnt tested yet and probably doesnt work
Party creation / join 50%
  • You can create a party, invit and join them
  • Joining a party while the quest is in progress might cause some unsync, stuff still have to be found out
  • Multi party area and single party fully implemented
Drop system 60%
  • A drop system is implemented but a more complete config need to be worked on
  • Per player drop fully implemented
Monster, attack / move / spawn 80%
  • A complete spwan wave system has been made
  • A basic monster AI is currently done, more to come later
  • The damage wont be accurate if the equied weapon isnt configured in the DB or if the action / PA isnt configured, report them so we can add it in the next update
Casino game 10%
  • Currently 2 game are working, Black Nyak and the shooting one
  • Not all beavour are working yet but i wanted to provide a bit of fun part to this alpha!
Mail and Friendlist system 90%
  • Mail works and the online status should be working but wont tell the exact location yet
  • Getting more information wasnt coded yet and might hang you
Skills 20%
  • The Skill tree can be used and raised
  • about 40% of the skills work, still have some work to do here .